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In 1994, youth pastors Chuck Adkins and Joe Brown put together this hair-brained idea of a film festival to poke a little fun at the Academy Awards and Hollywood’s obsession with awarding themselves.
Utilizing cutting-edge technology of Slideshow dissolves, VHS, and BETAMAX, they convinced a few other youth groups to make movies and gather for a gala award ceremony with tuxedos, ball gowns, red carpet, and lots of popcorn. 

Early trophies consisted of recycled bowling and softball trophies.
Local celebrities serving as judges included Julienne Smith, Rusty Schoop, Dave Voss, Jim Scott, and Robin Mangrin.
As technologies improved and became more available, youth began creating real works of art.
We started offering cash prizes and real trophies.

Then, in 2007 we moved to the Majestic Fox Theater in downtown Bakersfield and everything changed.
It became a real competition for the best pictures and awards.
Hollywood producers, directors, actors, and writers joined our team of directors and judges.
We now offer workshops and seminars taught by professionals in the film industry.
But we’ve kept all the wholesome fun, excitement, and glamor of the original festivals.
All the while teaching teenagers healthy competition, creative communication, cooperative teamwork, and spiritual integrity. 
Our goal is still to equip and encourage young people to creatively express their Christian faith through making movies.

In 2013 the name was changed to Christian Youth Film Society and incorporated as a ‘non-profit’ in the State of California to better reflect our mission and vision. We’re branching out with more film camps and workshops, a seperate college age festival, and hope to develop regional festivals in other cities. We are partnering with film studios and ministries to complement one another and efficiently utilize the resources God provides.


Executive Director/Founder, Joe L. Brown
President, Rusty Rhodes: Producer, screenwriter, Persevere Entertainment/Principal at Olive Knolls Christian Schools
Secretary/Treasurer, Jerry Buzzell: Youth for Christ
Scott Garcia, Media Pastor, New Life Church
Industry Consultants
Jon Slagle: Producer; SCOPE Studios
Connie Fleishauer: Producer/Author
Clay Banks: Actor/Coach; Clay Banks Studios
Amanda Nugent: Actress, Director, Producer

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Movies from 2016


Split Second


Glorify from destinee neville on Vimeo.

Movies from 2015

Christian Youth Film Festival

“War Room” Review from Spark Tv



Grief – Christian Youth Film Festival 2015 Entry from valley bible on Vimeo.

Seed final

Seed final from Joe Brown on Vimeo.


Eyes Open cyff


A Tale Of Two Servers

Good Will