Custom Content Making Program

Spark Tv is a 501 C (3) non-profit internet based TV channel that is dedicated to creating and teaching people how to create positive, educational and uplifting content.

Spark Tv’s goal is to inspire society with the content that we show on Spark Tv.

Our content creating classes are designed to teach the next generation of content creators.

Spark Tv’s classes teach writing, producing, directing, lighting, shooting and editing.

We have taught students how to make feature length movies, short movies, reality tv shows, commercials and we can customize a program to fit the needs of our clients.

All classes are designed to reflect an actual production.

Information taught will reflect class time.

After students read information provided by Spark Tv as to what a writers responsibilities are, how to create a story and what goes into having a good story.

We begin by teaching the students how to write and then we talk about practical elements like budget, casting, locations and special effects, then we discus what genre and type of programming the class wants to create and who the content will be created for, then we go about writing down different ideas for that specific market, next we begin writing the outline and then the script.

After a few revisions of the script, the students are taught about breaking down the script into camera setups.

Then casting is done, after casting is completed then rehearsals begin in order to obtain the desired performance from the actor.

While rehearsing students have the opportunity to see if they like the camera setup that they learned how to create in their camera setup class.

In order for students to become familiar with cameras, lighting, sound equipment, working with actors and script, the class and script are separated into groups so that each group can shoot a practice scene.

All groups should have instructor present while filming.

After the scenes have been shot, the students will have an opportunity to edit their movies after an informative editing class.

Students will have time to work in their project.

All movies will be watched by the entire class and critiqued by the teacher.

After all teams have finished a rough edit of their project, teams will be assigned dats to reshoot their project again to perfect their portion of the movie.

After production ends each team will re-edit their portion of the project.

All sections of the project will be edited together to complete the entire project.

The project is critiqued, students take notes.

The project is screened for friends & family, thus completing the project.

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