The 16-Hour Filmmaking Class

Stop dreaming about making movies and make one in the 16-Hour Filmmaking Class.

In this class you will learn how to Write, Direct, Shoot and Edit a short movie.

16-Hour Filmmaking Class

In this fun, exciting and informative class YOU can make a movie in a group class or your movie in a private program, you will learn to write, direct, shoot and edit.

This program was designed for anyone who wants to make movies instead of dreaming about making movies!

Over the course of 16 Hours or 2-Days you and your class mates will learn how to make movies by learning the basics in filmmaking.

The 2-Day Film Class is an introductory class that is designed to teach the basics and make a movie in 2-days.

You will be taught to use prosumer HD Cameras and smart phones and to edit using Final Cut Pro.

You will write, shoot and edit a short movie.

You will be taught the following:

– Creating movies for specific Markets
– Writing
– Casting
– Directing
– Camera Operation
– Editing with Final Cut Pro



Day 1

Students will learn the basics in marketing, writing, then they will write the script that their group will shoot on day 2, the basics in producing, determining their shot sizes and breaking down their script from a directors point of view.

Day 2

Students will learn how to shoot content from the script they wrote on day 1, they will learn how to use existing lighting and how to use an HD Camera and students will learn how to edit in Final Cut Pro.

Because of a generous sponsor, this class is for a suggested donation of only $100.00.

Classes are on the following dates:

June 17-18, 2017

 10am – 7pm, with a lunch break from 12 pm -1 pm.

– NOTE: When purchasing the class please choose the date that you would like to attend, dates CAN NOT be changed once purchased.


Please contact Spark Tv, if you are interested in attending a Movie Making Class in the future.

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