Filmmaking for The Entire Family

Spark Tv cares about what’s happening in our world today and we are doing something to make society better by providing quality, entertaining, uplifting, educational content that will inspire people.

We want you to help us by telling your stories.

If you don’t know how to make movies, Spark Tv can teach you in a low cost or in some cases for free filmmaking class.

Classes are now forming in Los Angeles, California.

Filmmaking class description:

Do you want to discover how to make movies?

You will with Spark Tv!

Elite Film School OTS Man
You can make a movie in a group class or your movie in a private program, you will learn to write, direct, shoot and edit.

This program was designed for the Weekend warrior!

Over the course of 2-Days you and your class mates will learn how to make movies by learning the basics in filmmaking.

The 2-Day Film Class is an introductory class that is designed to teach the basics and make a movie in 2-days.

You will be taught to use smart phones and you will be taught to edit using Final Cut Pro.

You will write, shoot and edit a short scene, unless you enroll in a private program.

You will be taught the following:

  • Creating movies for specific Markets
  • The Basics in Writing
  • The Basics in Casting
  • The Basics in Directing
  • The Basics in Camera Operation
  • The Basics in Editing with Final Cut Pro

The Filmmaking Class is valued at $750.00, thanks to a donation from a sponsor we are able to offer this program for the affordable price of only $100.00 a person.

The 2-Day Film Class Dates

Los Angeles, California

Dates to come.

Contact us for more information. 

Spark Tv is a now a non profit 501 (c) 3 company in the state of California.

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