Filmmaking Workshop for Children

Spark Tv is proud to announce our Filmmaking Workshop for kids age 6-11 years old.

The filmmaking workshop is designed to teach children how to express themselves in a positive way through making their story into a movie that they can share with the world.

Movies that are made in the after school program will play on their Elementary School’s channel on

This program was designed, because Spark Tv would like to bring back creativity to a child’s education.

Students will learn how to use the following equipment:

  • Professional HD Cameras
  • Professional sound recording equipment
  • Final Cut Pro video editing software
  • Smart phones to shoot & edit footage

How will students benefit from learning how to make a movie?

  • They will learn how to creatively express themselves
  • They will learn how to work as a team member
  • They will learn how to interview people and listen to people
  • They will learn skills that will last a lifetime

What will students learn?

  • The basics in writting
  • The basics in producing
  • The basics in directing
  • The basics in shooting a scene
  • The basics in editing

If you would like to have Spark Tv come to your school please contact us.


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