The 168 Film Festival Channel

What is 168 Film?

Founded in 2003, the 168 Film Project is an incubator for writers and filmmakers to explore scripture and to practice their craft. The 168 Film Project challenge to filmmakers worldwide is to draw a random scripture and in just 168 hours (7 days) shoot and edit a short film. In the Write of Passage competition, writers craft a 12-page script in 168 hours.

We reduce barriers to production and create opportunities for pros and newcomers to just do it. Participants from diverse backgrounds and faiths forge dynamic, creative communities.  All Filmmakers are responsible for their own budget, cast and crew.

What started as a ministry to local Southern California filmmakers has expanded to a worldwide movement. Many different countries compete in this international contest, some winning top honors.

We encourage fair treatment of subjects with emphasis on story and subtlety.  But most importantly, filmmakers are encouraged to honestly portray the tale that God inspires through the foundational scripture.

“168” films uplift and inform the human condition, showing real consequences for actions and reflecting traditional, conservative Biblical values.  Content rules do not require overtly Christian characters, just real ones. We do not permit swearing or use of the word “God” or “Jesus” as an expletive.  There is no gratuitous sex, language, violence or drug use.

The Spark Tv 2015 168 Film Festival Promo 

Spark Tv’s interview with John David Ware from The 168 Film Festival

Melisa Trevan Interview at the 168 Film Festival

Project Director for the 168 Film festival

Andrew Erwin director October Baby & Woodlawn at 168 Film Festival

Interview with the 8 yr. old little girl Rachel Lowry who won 2 awards for her movie, “True Freedom”, at The 168 Film Festival

Interview with Maggie Grey at the 168 Film Festival

Joe Osbourne at 168 Film Festival

Al Burke Interview at 168 Film Festival

Kevin Seizmore at 168 Film Festival

Joe Brown from Christian Youth Film Festival Interview at The 168 Film Festival

Seth Brown at 168 Film festival

Luke Unleashed the Short with Director, Cast & Crew at 168 Film Festival

Interview with Peter Xifo Writer/Executiive Producer for movie, “PB & J”.

Lauren Holiday Interview at 168 Film Festival

Iyad Hajjaj Interview 168 Film festival

Interview with Hakeem Shady at 168 Film Festival

Child Actress Rachel Nall Interview at the 168 Film Festival