Your Show on Spark Tv

Spark Tv is looking for people to teach classes on YouTube.

Spark Tv will shoot and edit each episode (a $1,000.00 value) in exchange for you teaching the world your skill and you can advertise your service to them.

  • Your payment would be 1/2 of whatever your shows channel makes on YouTube.
  • You must commit to at least 12 episodes.
  • Each episode has to be 22 minutes in length.
  • We will be shooting 1 episode per week.
  • Episodes will be shot in the San Antonio, Texas area, at the teacher’s location.
  • Episodes of the show that you star in will be co-owned by you and Spark Tv.
  • Donations not necessary but encouraged, so that Spark Tv can focus on creating content.
  • The reason Spark Tv wants to partner with teachers is below.
  • Please read the entire post before applying.

There will be a contract so, please be 100% sure that you are available to commit to filming at least 12 episodes that are 22 minutes each, an episode can take as long as 12 hours to film.

Thank you in advance.

Do you want to help change the world?

Spark Tv’s goal is to truly help people.

If you give a person a fish you will fill their immediate need, if you teach a person to fish you will give them a skill that will allow them to eat anytime.

We feel that if you teach a person a skill, teach them a way to manage their life, you will give them an opportunity that they can use to change their future.

Spark Tv is a 100% tax deductible 501(c)3 that wants to change the world.

Our Goal is to teach people that Family is the most important thing in life and to educate people in the following ways.

– Time Management – Time is the one thing you can never get back. Your time is priceless, don’t waste it.

– Dealing with Anger –

– Healthy Relationships – How to have healthy relationships, no one should have relationships that they get hurt in.

– Forgiveness – How to forgive yourself and other people. Un-forgiveness hurts you more than them, in this class, we will teach you how to forgive people and heal from past hurts.

– Healthy Eating – How to eat healthily and prepare healthy meals, life is pretty tough when you are sick, healthy food is the best medicine.

– Money Management – How to manage money and how to invest money in your future. Money isn’t the only thing but having enough will make your life easier. This class has will teach you what to do with the money once you have it.

– Construction Classes – in this class you will learn how to build a small house, that will include framing, plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall, painting, and flooring.

– Automotive Classes –
Classes can be as simple as changing a tail light.

The reason that we want to educate people in the following areas is that we feel that in order to live a happy, healthy an productive life these are the key elements that are needed.

Important Information

Spark Tv is a FAMILY FRIENDLY NETWORK, please keep your language clean when applying.

To apply for the position record yourself with your smartphone video camera, like the official Spark Tv FB page @SparkTvNet and post the video on your wall and tag us @sparktvnet

Be yourself but entertaining, this is what we will expect when we shoot every episode.

Please mention the following:

1. Tell us who you are, what you do, what position you would like to apply for.
2. Why would you be the best host/teacher?
3. Talk about what your skills and how you would be a benefit to Spark Tv.
4. Mention that you understand that there is a 12 episode commitment, that you understand that each episode can take as long as 12 hours to film.