Spotify Pie Chart: Is It Safe?

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Being the most popular music streaming app Spotify is introducing new features every day Spotify wrapped is among them that lets users know their stats and usage of the app throughout the year.

It is released once a year and introduced with amazing visuals. But you have to wait for the end of the year. That’s why the Spotify Pie Chart came into existence to give you all the stats of your Spotify in a colorful pie chart at your desired time.


Let’s explore spotify pie charts and all about it with this post. 


About Spotify Pie Chart


Created by UCLA student Darren Huang, Spotify Pie is a third-party app that analyses your favorite genres, and songs listened to in the last month and many more and displays them in a beautiful pie chart. Similar to Spotify Wrapped and easy to use that you can use whenever you wish without waiting for the end of the year. 

You can create your own spotify pie charts, to see how your favorite genres and albums are arranged in a colorful pie chart.


How to Create your Own Pie


Here are the steps to create spotify pie charts

  • Open your Spotify Pie app on your phone 
  • Log in on it with the Spotify login credentials.
  • After that Spotify Pie will be created accordingly.


Your Spotify pie will denote the genres, artists, and albums with different hues and makes a beautiful pie.

Is Spotify Pie Safe?


Yes, Spotify Pie is a safe and reliable website that you can give access to your phone to collect data from your Spotify app to represent it as a pie chart spotify.

However, Spotify Pie is a third-party app that requires your login credentials, only for collecting your Spotify data, no other information is required to access it. So, it can be said to be safe.


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